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GBF 2015 Theme: Innovations Enhancing Access to Healthcare

While the overall performance of India on most health indicators has improved significantly since independence, it still lags far behind not only among the developed countries but also some of the developing ones, notably China.

This is attributable to

  1. Continuing poor outlay for public health in India. India spends 1.3% of GDP on healthcare resulting in private healthcare providers controlling almost 70% of the entire market.
  2. Uneven and lopsided development of health infrastructure in India where world class medical facilities exist side by side with vast areas that lack access to even basic healthcare.

This is resulting in a huge burden on the economy in terms of lost productivity and tremendous financial burden on the Indian population that has to bear the costs of healthcare out of its pocket.

If India has to emerge as an economic super power, this anomaly has to be rectified by taking an innovative and systematic approach to enhance access to healthcare aimed at improving the overall health of the nation.



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Innovations in Medical Devices:Facilitate  high quality innovation and product engineering to develop low cost and affordable solutions unique to needs of  developing countries in general and India in particular.

Some examples:

  1. Diamond polishing technology used to develop affordable cardiac stents  by  companies in Surat
  2. Indigenous development of affordable medical instrumentation:  Transasia , GE
  3. 3Nethra’s Fundus camera, an affordable ventilator, affordable stents, affordable customised diagnostic instrumentation etc.

Propose a Center of Excellence for Translation in Medical Technologies


This year we will be focusing on the following two major areas within this theme as we believe innovations in these areas can bring dramatically improve access to affordable healthcare in India:

  1. Innovation in medical devices:How can high quality innovation and product engineering drive low cost and affordable solutions in the world of medical devices, through high volumes & low ticket sizes, or solutions which are unique to the Indian context and hence not readily available. e.g. 3Nethra’s Fundus camera, an affordable ventilator, affordable stents, affordable customised diagnostic instrumentation etc.
  2. Innovation on healthcare delivery: Disruptive business models and technologies that can drive dramatic improvement in access and affordability of healthcare delivery. Examples include Apollo Sugar, a single specialty integrated care network for Diabetes care, HAPP, a next gen Healthcare ecosystem app, comor that are disinter mediating value chains in Healthcare etc.

Innovations in Delivery Models : Bring innovators, healthcare infrastructure providers, financiers and government on the same platform to design and execute healthcare delivery solutions suited to Indian market.

Some example:

  1. Focused solutions to address the growing burden to chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiac diseases such as:  Apollo Sugar Clinics,  Narayan Hrudayalaya etc.
  2. Disintermediation to enhance access to good doctors and diagnostic services such as:Practo
  3. Improving productivity and reducing consumable costs through process streamlining and backward integration such as: Arvind Eye
  4. Improving access to quality healthcare through PPP models and government health insurance schemes
  5. Propose a mechanism by which National policy can be influenced, e.g., National Medical Devices Regulation, or the National Healthcare Regulatory Authority of India, etc.



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