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Education and Skills

GBF 2015 Theme: Using Technology for Ensuring Employability

  1. India is the largest young country in the world and, by all accounts, this means that we have to be able to generate around a million jobs per month for the next 20 years – a total of over 200+ million jobs in 20 years to be able to reap the demographic dividend. This is both a challenge and an opportunity – we could be the manpower for the world just like China is the factory for the world. But this manpower needs to be skilled to operate in the 21st century and this means we need to have a sound foundation in early education and an avenue to learn specific skills at a scale that is probably unmatched in history.
  2. India’s early schooling is largely dysfunctional and we would like to share a couple of data references:ASER surveys reveal that 42% of our children in standard 5 in primary schools cannot read fluently in the medium of instruction and about 26% can do simple division in standard 5.


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  • Rapidly bring better quality primary education in India through increased use of technology both at the management and pedagogy levels.
  • Bring equity and inclusiveness in our education system
  • Use technology to create vocational programs geared towards employability

If we are unable to fix this we will be depriving a huge number of children from having a decent shot at meaningful employability.

In a recent article Rebecca Winthrop and her colleagues At Brookings Institution have found that South Asia is just reaching educational attainment levels achieved in the developed world 100 years ago – and this gap is widening.

  1. Youth employability is a bigger crisis than unemployment. An extract from a TeamLease report reads as under:

Youth Unemployability is a bigger crisis than unemployment

53% of unemployed youth suffer some degree of skill deprivation while 8% of youth are unemployed.

57% of India’s youth suffer some degree of unemployability.
The 82.5 million unemployable youth fall in three skill repair buckets.

Last mile repair                                                   <0.5 yrs                                                            5.3 million
Interventional repair                                         <0.5 – 1 yr                                                        21.9 million
Structural repair                                                   1-2 yrs                                                             55.4 million

Repairing this skill deficit needs Rs 490,000 over two years. Current budget cover 25% of this but only allocating more money won’t solve the problem.


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