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Who can be a part of GBF?

As of now, we are open to only IITB alumni/ campus community for participation in the SIGs. However, interested investors and external participants are invited to register and attend the event in Goa.

What is the kind of engagement that I can have with GBF? What do the different roles stand for ?

GBF is IITB-AAs venture to bring together technologists and working towards providing business opportunities to potential smart solutions that can help develop India. You can contribute by

  • Participating and being a part of SIG – where you’ll be part of similar minded community (your chosen Special Interest Group) and participate in regular discussions on conference calls. Experienced people guide you throughout on the implementation aspects of an idea you have. It is a long term commitment. You can sign up for your interested genre here. 
  • Volunteering for SIG – Be a part of the SIG execution team and work with the execution leaders and mentors in co-ordinating the activity flow.
  • Participate in the event – Attend the event at Goa between 16th-18th October. You can be an attendee (invitation only event) and also get a chance to showcase your product/ idea if selected.  For attending the event, please register yourself here and if you have an idea to showcase, please fill in this form

Is it necessary for me to have an idea to participate in GBF/ SIG?

No, your enthusiasm and interest in an area would suffice. The discussions in the SIG will do the job of brainstorming!  Just be active.

Is it necessary for my idea to be selected for showcase to continue my participation with the SIGs?

Absolutely no. Being a part of a SIG is based on your interest and is a long term commitment. Showcasing your idea is just an extra benefit we are providing you to attract funding for your product/ idea. Irrespective of your idea being selected or not, you will remain a member of SIG once signed up.

Innovator's showcase and Exhibitions

Am I eligible for showcasing my idea/product if one of my team member is from IITB Community (Campus or Alumni) and others from different backgrounds ?

Yes. But make sure that at least one of your teammate is from IITB. Make sure you go through the guidelines mentioned here.

What kind of ideas/ projects are eligible for showcase ?

Any technologically innovative idea/ product (be it a technology start-up, research project) is eligible for showcase. You need to fill in the innovators’ form and if selected you’ll be notified. More detail guidelines can be found here. 


Is it necessary that my idea fits into the themes this year for submission/ acceptance ?

For submitting your idea, you need to fill up the respective form depending on your choice & category (This costs nothing):

    1. Form for exhibitions – IIT B Alumni
    2. Form for exhibitions – IIT B campus community
    3. Form for innovators showcase����������- IIT B Alumni
    4. Form for innovators showcase – IIT B campus community

Please note that all the we understand about your idea is what you’ve written in the form, so try to be as much comprehensive as possible.

Do I have to pay for submitting my proposal ?

Absolutely no. It’s free of cost. You’ll be showcasing/ exhibiting your product in the event space if selected, so it would be mandatory to pay and register then.

However, we recommend you attend the event, whether or not your idea is selected as it gives you ample exposure and also plan it soon to avoid excess flight charges.

Who can participate in the Exhibitions ?

Someone(or a team with one member from IITB community) who has a product to showcase can send your entries by filling up the form on the exhibitions page. Best of them would be selected by the jury and be provided with an exhibition space at the event in Goa in October.

What is the difference between Innovators' Showcase and Exhibitions ?The forms for ideas submission are also similar for both.

We are looking for ideas/ products that potentially fit into the theme. As of now, the best of all entries will be given a pitch space at the event and other selected ideas/ products (be them received through the forms for Innovator’s showcase or exhibitions – satisfying the guidelines drawn on innovators page) will be invited for showcasing in the exhibition space.

Can the team presenting in innovator's showcase be a part of Exhibition also ?

We’re trying to accommodate as many ideas as possible. So we do not encourage one person/ idea to take two slots (both of pitch and exhibitions) unless and until absolutely necessary, which are considered on case by case basis.

How much time will I get to exhibit my product/idea if I got selected for exhibitions ?

During the exhibitions time as mentioned in the schedule here.

What is the number of showcase and exhibition spaces ?

We’ve 20 spaces for each SIG, planned as 10 for showcase and 10 for exhibitions. (Numbers subject to redistribution based on the quality of the entries)

Is it necessary that my idea fits into the themes this year for submission/ acceptance ?

No. If our jury feels that your idea has the potential, it will be selected for showcase/ exhibition. So please do submit.


Can I indicate my preference amongst the mentioned hotels in my chosen tier ?

You may write to us on mentioning your preference and we’ll try to accommodate you there based on the availability (which is ideally on first come first serve basis)

How are the travel pick-ups organized ?

We are arranging buses that leave the pick-up points mentioned here every one hour. Schedule of the same will be shared once finalized (By the end of September).

Can I bring a car, if yes parking ?

Yes, you can do and parking will be taken care of by the hotel. Parking is also provided at the stadium for localites.

What is meant by twin sharing basis ? What would be the bed arrangement ?

All the rooms are booked by us based on double occupancy, which means for two beds per room. If you are single person coming, a roommate will be allotted to stay with you. If you have a guest coming along, you can book the whole room for yourself (along with your guest).  If you don’t want to share, you can fill for a room on single occupancy basis, but this means you will end up paying double.

How is my room partner allotted ?

We’re trying to hold on a common thread, may be your year of study at IIT, Dept or SIG. Don’t worry we’ll get back to you as soon as we decide on something and check your convenience with the allocation.

What is the distance between hotels and venue, conveyance ?

Most hotels are close by. We’re in the process of finalizing the means of conveyance and will let you know after the hotels are allocated.


Can I bring my child along ? If so, do I have to pay in excess ?

You can bring your kid along. As such we are not charging any registration fee for children (<10 years). You might have to pay to the hotel if you need an extra mattress.

Registration and Payment

Is there any difference in fee structure for normal registration and the innovator's showcase/ exhibitions registration ?

No. The registration fee is only accounting for your accommodation and it’s the same for all the attendees. Showcasing/ Exhibiting your idea/product is a privilege that you’ll be availing of the registration if your entry is selected.

What is the fee structure for showcasing a product in a team of 2 or 3 members ?

You need to pay the registration fee on per person basis. Remember at least one of the team member must belong to the IITB community and he/she can register the remaining as his/her guests. There’s as such no separate amount to be paid for showcasing your product as long as you’ll be using the space and facility provided by us. In case you’ll need any extra infrastructure other than that arranged, you might have to pay a nominal amount for that. The details of items provided will be conveyed to you after the selections.

What is the refund policy for innovator's showcase if the product does not get selected ?

Again, You need not pay anything in excess for showcasing your product. As mentioned, the registration fee is same for any attendee and you can still choose to attend the meet in Goa if your product doesn’t get selected.

However, if you want to make a cancellation of a registration already made, the norms mentioned in the refund policy here would apply.

What is the registration deadline ?

We�����ll close as soon as our numbers fill up (We’ve an accommodation upper cap of ~1500). Otherwise we don’t have a deadline as such. We encourage you to book as early as possible to save over flight fares. Also, allotment is on first come first serve basis, so if you’ve any preference of hotel, we might not be able to entertain it later.

I've already registered and want to bring a guest now, what do I do ?

Please write to us on and we’ll add him/her to your guest list from the backend. We recommend you to do it before September 30th, as after that entertaining such requests will cause trouble with our allocation.

How will I know that my accommodation / registration is confirmed , esp., if I send a cheque ?

Accommodation is confirmed only after payment is made and you’ll receive a confirmation mail for it. As soon as we retrieved the cheque that reached us, we’ll confirm your booking.

On whose name should I draw a cheque ?

Kindly draw the cheque in favour of the following –

IIT Bombay Alumni Association,
1st Floor, Gulmohar Building,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai 400 076
Tel. No.: 022-25767086 / 9769868560

What are the details of the bank account, if I choose to make a money transfer via online banking/ wire transfer ?

Bank Name: Canara Bank
Bank Branch: Powai Branch
Beneficiary Name: IIT Bombay Alumni Association
Beneficiary Account #: 2724101089574
Type of Account: Saving Account
Bank Code: 15