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Neel Strøbæk

Group Director, Ramboll

Ms. Neel Stroebaek is responsible for Rambolls global planning and urban design area, which is providing consultancy services for Liveable and Smart Cities all over the world.Working with city challenges and sustainability for more than 3 decades, Ms. Stroebaek has profound insight into strategies, policies and measures that make cities more liveable, more sustainable and more productive.
Ms. Stroebaek is the key driver behind Rambolls sustainable society initiative, including research activities in the Ramboll Liveable City Lab, and she is working close together with socio-economic experts and scientist in developing concept and tools for making cities more liveable within the Green Growth agenda. She has been highly appreciated for her job as project director to the Nord Stream project, which hailed as one of the most important new import routes for natural gas to Europe, and is called a ‘benchmark in EU-Russia cooperation’