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Girish Mehta

CEO Oncquest Laboratories and DCA Imaging

Girish Mehta is currently CEO Oncquest Laboratories and DCA Imaging. He has held leadership positions throughout his career and a significant part of his career has been in the health care business, establishing, building and turning-around companies in the sector. His healthcare experience spans across almost all key sectors of healthcare including Pharmaceuticals, diagnostic services, diagnostic instrumentation and consumables, medical consumables and hospitals. Girish has also spent considerable time in sales, marketing and management consulting during his formative years which has given him good understanding of  several other sectors such as FMCG, chemicals, automobiles, engineering and conglomerates. Other organizations where Girish has worked include Tata Strategic Management Group, Ajay Piramal Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Beams Hospital. Girish is a keen lover of outdoor sports particularly trekking and was associated was Himankan (now defunct) in IIT Bombay.