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Dr. Vijay Gadgil

Principal Scientist, Naturals and Traditional Medicine, Unilever R&D, India

Dr. Gadgil joined Unilever in 1996 as Head of Organic Chemistry section, wherein he was responsible for process development of aroma chemicals and other fine chemicals as import substitutes. During this period, he implemented several indigenously developed processes for aroma chemicals and sunscreens.
Vijay moved to Unilever R & D, Bangalore, in 2006 and supported research programs for skin lightening through development of novel actives, and technologies for enhancement of trans-dermal delivery and photo stabilization of sunscreens.
He is currently looking after Unilever’s program on Naturals and Traditional medicine, and is responsible for identifying the lead pipeline for glucose management, skin lightening, hair fall prevention and dandruff control using Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural methods.

Dr. Vijay Gadgil received his doctorate degree in Organic Chemistry from University of Pune in 1992, following which he pursued his work in synthetic /physical organic chemistry as a postdoctoral fellow at University of North Texas and University of Idaho, USA. His research areas include Metabolic Health, Inflammation, Skin/Scalp Health, Organic Chemistry, and Phytochemistry.
Dr. Gadgil has authored over 25 publications and has more than10 patents to his name.